Free postage on all machines and orders over £65.

Free postage on all machines and orders over £65.

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Babylock Enspire

The Baby Lock Enspire is small, fine and easy to use. Its predecessor, the baby lock éclipse, was the first overlocker in the world to have jet air threading for the domestic market, which in 1996 was awarded the Japanese innovation prize for outstanding and revolutionary technology.


With unique Jet-Air-threading

The Babylock Enspire is small, fine and easy to use. Its predecessor, the Baby Lock Eclipse, was the first overlocker in the world, which in 1996 was awarded the Japanese innovation prize for outstanding and revolutionary technology.

Since then, no other machine has been honoured with this award. Even today, the Babylock Enspire possesses revolutionary technology combined with new features. The unique Baby Lock JET-AIR-threading system for quick and easy threading of course continues. Annoying tracking thread points or confusion by free hanging threads is a thing of the past. Insert desired looper thread in the appropriate gripper channel, press the lever down and by air pressure, the yarn is shot up into the needle area. The practical needle threader is highly useful for threading the needles. Your new baby lock provides even more fantastic settings, so you can for example change the real seam width and not only the cutting width.

Have you been frustrated by unwanted seam pucker or wavy seams in knits and fine fabrics? The solution, the adjustable differential feed (0.6bar – 2.0: 1).

Unique gripper

Our Babylock Enspire has a unique compact gripper system, which is equipped with tubes. This enables easy and quick threading. To ensure that your Enspire can withstand even heavy use, extra strong claws are used – quality similar to the industry!

Auxiliary grippers / converter

In a two-folded seam, the auxiliary grippers / converter of Enspire can easily switch. Because it is fixed to the upper looper, one can achieve the correct tension.

Jet Air System

The simply ingenious jet air threading system makes threading your Babylock Enspire simple. No more tracking of colored thread points, no confusion by free hanging threads or new beginnings, because you have made a mistake during threading. Simply choose the desired looper thread select, pack in the insertion opening, push the button and the thread is threaded by itself into the hook tip of Enspire. In all grippers. Simply brilliant, the Jet-Air system in your baby lock Enspire!

Manual Thread Tension!

Adjusting the thread tension is always a bit fiddly. Especially if the stitches you have just produced do not look the way you want them to. The baby lock enspire has separate looper thread and needle thread tension dials that are clearly arranged to allow an easy adjustment of the tension for the correct thread.

Don’t be afraid of setting the thread tension to your respective needs. All tension dials have marks to make it easier for you to return to the basic setting.


Quickly and easily you can adjust seam width on your baby lock Enspire. Thus overcuts or undercuts can be prevented. In closed or tubular garments you can turn off the blade easily and quickly by means of a switch and easily change when needed. Stitch length is also changed simply with a dial with an easy to read scale

Differential Feed

How often have you had trouble with elastic fabrics that curl at the end of sewing or the seam has moved. Using the differential feed the Enspire guarantees optimum mass transfer with stretch fabrics and prevents puckering or protruding seams. If desired, you can also achieve imaginative elastic shirring using the differential feed of Enspire.

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